Faber acquires O'Brien memoir

<p>Faber has acquired the &ldquo;memoir-in-progress&quot; of Irish novelist and short story writer Edna O&#39;Brien.<br /><br />Faber publishing director Lee Brackstone concluded the deal for UK &amp; Commonwealth rights with agent Ed Victor. US rights have been bought by Pat Strachan at Little, Brown.<br /><br />Provisionally titled <em>Country Girl,</em> the memoir is scheduled for publication in 2011. It &ldquo;promises to deliver the author&#39;s own version of one of the great romantic literary stories of the past century&quot; according to the publisher.<br /><br />Brackstone said: &quot;Faber is the natural home for Edna&#39;s writing. These pages sparkle with wit, mischief and magic and the full story promises to provide an unforgettable snapshot of a mercurial life lived in the heat of passion and literary endeavour; a story that is absolutely at the heart of 20th-century literary history.</p><p>&quot;But the extraordinary thing about Edna&#39;s story, and this book, is that its appeal transcends the sometimes narrow bounds of the &#39;literary life&#39;. It is a story that will resonate with all readers, young and old. </p><p>&quot;This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for an editor and a publishing company.&quot;<br />&nbsp;<br />Faber also acquired a new collection of stories, <em>Old Wounds</em>, to be published first in spring 2011.<br />&nbsp;</p>