Emerald Publishing launches £20,000 fund to make coronavirus research available

Emerald Publishing launches £20,000 fund to make coronavirus research available

Emerald Publishing has launched a £20,000 fund to cover article processing charges, supporting social scientists in making their research on health emergencies such as coronavirus rapidly available. 

As the coronavirus outbreak continues to spread, Emerald Publishing says it wants "to help researchers disseminate timely and relevant findings which will benefit all of society". The company is striving to help researchers in related topics to make their research freely accessible across the globe using Emerald Open Research—an innovative Open Access research platform that supports rapid publication, an open data policy and open peer review process.   

Emerald Publishing c.e.o. Vicky Williams (pictured) said: “Emerald believes passionately in academia, policy makers and industry working together to drive positive change. I believe that we can make a genuine difference in the world and, as a community, if we work together and do what we can to share learnings. That’s why we’ve created this fund to get as much research in this field open and freely available, as rapidly as we can. We know that as well as the need for medical and hard sciences research, social sciences research is vital to the prevention, management and understanding the wider societal impact of the coronavirus.” 

The company is calling all social scientists working in the following interdisciplinary research areas to get in touch as quickly as possible so they can help share their research findings.

Researchers can visit https://www.emeraldpublishing.com/coronavirus/ to find details on how to publish their related research and gain access to any information as it becomes live. The company has also brought together a number of research resources related to the coronavirus group of viruses, and epidemics, which you can be found here.  

In a further move, Emerald Publishing has joined the signatories on the Wellcome Trust's Statement, which is designed to ensure that research findings and data, relevant to the coronavirus outbreak, are shared rapidly and openly to inform the public health response and help save lives.