Audiobook of Elmer’s Christmas made available on watch phone

Audiobook of Elmer’s Christmas made available on watch phone

Andersen Press is making an audio version of children’s book Elmer’s Christmas available to be played on a watch phone, in a step that comes as the much-loved character prepares to celebrate his 30th anniversary in 2019. 

Children will be able to listen to the story of Elmer the Patchwork Elephant and his Christmas adventure through the XPLORA watch phone, made by a Norwegian company. 

Narrated by Royal Shakespeare Company actor Stephen Thorne, the story will be playable through the speaker of the XPLORA 3S, for free, in what is being described as a “radical new step” for the publisher. 

The audio reading will be made available only to XPLORA parents, who then choose to add the reading to their child’s device via the accompanying app - which also can monitor their location, select trusted phone contacts, and send one-way text messages.

Elmer’s Christmas author David McKee said: “Elmer is an elephant always willing to celebrate change and difference, and would love this new approach to sharing a story. Hearing a story read aloud is an amazing experience for children. You can see their imagination come alive with every word. I hope a lot of lucky children this Christmas will hear this version of Elmer’s world, and can imagine his jungle in their own minds.”

XPLORA co-founder Sten Kirkby said: “As a father of young children, I know how eager kids are to take on every new technological advancement - but I also understand that providing safe and secure introductions to the world of technology is also incredibly important. Elmer’s Christmas is a heartwarming festive story and it’s an honour to provide the option to hear this, from a corner of the future that is completely safe.”