Elliott & Thompson launches online campaign of 'soothing words'

Elliott & Thompson launches online campaign of 'soothing words'

Elliott & Thomspon is launching an online campaign to show "the comfort words can bring", in partnership with author Paul Anthony Jones.

The campaign will invite social media users to share words, phrases and "linguistic remedies" that keep them calm, and is inspired by the concept of Jones' new book, The Cabinet of Calm Words.

"When developing the cabinet of calm, it’s fair to say we didn’t anticipate the situation we currently find ourselves in", said Jones. "The events of the past few weeks – and perhaps the weeks and months to come – make these soothing words all the more welcome. In the introduction, I explain how one word in particular – a long-forgotten word for a sudden pang of grief – gave me some very unexpected comfort after a family bereavement, and from there the rest of the words and phrases collected here fell into place.

"I'm hopeful that, as for me, they will provide readers with some timely reassurance, inspiration, and calming food for thought, whatever their own troubles or worries may be."

The online campaign will begin next week on 14th May, to coincide with the book release, and will be launched from Jones' Twitter and Instagram accounts.

A blog "tour" is scheduled to begin the week of publication, and to feature on Simon Mayo's Scala Radio Book Club.

The campaign also aims to promote independent bookshops, and is offering independent booksellers specially printed and signed bookplates,  and will be asking bloggers social media participants to tag an indie bookshop in their posts.  

Sarah Rigby, Elliott & Thompson’s publishing director, said: "We’ve loved working with Kirstie Lount at Fox Lane Books over the last few weeks on special signed editions of some of our titles, and The Cabinet of Calm seemed like the perfect book to offer this more widely to indie booksellers whilst sharing our collective joy in words across the industry and with readers."