Europa Editions shares blurb from latest Elena Ferrante novel

Europa Editions shares blurb from latest Elena Ferrante novel

Europa Editions has shared a blurb from Elena Ferrante’s new novel, The Lying Life of Adults, as enthusiastic reviews in Italy pile in ahead of publication day.

Europa will publish Ann Goldstein’s translation on June 9th 2020, with The Lying Life of Adults marking Ferrante's first novel for five years. Edizioni E/O will publish it in Italy on Thursday (7th November). Italian bookstores will open at midnight on Wednesday in anticipation of fans wanting an early copy, according to AP.

Ahead of publication, Europa Editions has shared a blurb, translated from the Italian edition.

It reads: "When a child grows up, what will she become, who will she look like?

"Giovanna’s pretty face has changed: it’s turning into the face of an ugly, spiteful adolescent. But is that really what’s happening? What mirror does she have to look in to find herself and save herself?

"Giovanna searches for a new face in two kindred cities that fear and detest one another: the Naples of the heights, which assumes a mask of refinement, and the Naples of the depths, which professes to be a place of excess and vulgarity. She moves between high and low, one moment rushing down, the next climbing up, disoriented by the fact that, up or down, the city seems to have no answer and no escape."

Europa revealed the passage a week after sharing the publication date and title of the book, with the Italian version, published by Edizioni E/O, announced in September.

There have been positive early reviews of the eagerly anticipated book. Italian media outlet Ansa said of the book: “In 336 pages, The Lying Life of Adults tells the story of Giovanna’s life up to the age of sixteen, amid the transformations and turmoil of growing up, the disappointments, the betrayals, and the lies of grown-ups. [...] Lila and Lenù may no longer be here, but the relationship between Giovanna and her paternal aunt Vittoria is a powerful and intense element in this new novel.”

Magazine Il Libraio said: "Once again, Elena Ferrante has not created a mere story but an entire world.”