E-book users want better content and new devices

<p>The lack of devices from Amazon and Apple could &quot;inhibit&quot; the UK&#39;s e-book market &quot;in the short term&quot;, as people hold out for products by preferred manufacturers, a YouGov survey has concluded. The survey also found that users of e-book devices rated the range and quality of books available to download as the least satisfying aspect of owning a device. </p><p>YouGov found that Sony was the best-known brand, with 65% of &quot;potential purchasers&quot; saying they would buy from the electronics firm: Amazon and Apple came next, with 42% and 35% of respondents saying their products were preferable. This was despite the fact that neither firm has yet launched a device specifically for e-reading in the UK. </p><p>Conversely, brands or retailers that do currently sell devices, such as the BeBook, sold via Blackwell, or Elonex, sold via Borders, were less well-known&mdash;respectively just 15% and 5% of respondents said they would envisage buying one of these devices. </p><p>Caroline Gaskin, consulting director at YouGov, said: &quot;The lack of products from Amazon and Apple may inhibit this market in the short term. Prospective Apple purchasers are focused on style with prospective Amazon purchasers more interested in the range of e-books available. </p><p>&quot;There is a misplaced association in future purchasers&#39; minds between the arrival of the Kindle and the delivery of the full Amazon catalogue to the hardware. Sony&#39;s prospects are focused on the reputation of the company and the style of their products.&quot;</p><p>She added: &quot;I&#39;m sure some people will realise they want one now, and will go for one which is available in the UK&mdash;but the majority of people who are more influenced by brand or reputation will hold on.&quot;</p><p>Of those who already have an e-reader, the range and quality of books available to download was rated the least satisfying aspect of owning a device. The pollster found that people were far more satisfied with the devices themselves, rating the clarity of the screen, the size and weight of the device and the quality of the build as the three top characteristics. </p><p>The results come from the first wave of YouGov&#39;s new research programme, The E-Reader Experience, a quarterly multi-client research programme launched by the Technology and Telecoms Consulting division. </p><p>YouGov interviewed 3,214 respondents between 17th&mdash;22nd July 2009. Of these, 318 respondents were e-book owners and 784 respondents were classified as &quot;serious purchase intenders&quot;.</p>