DreamWorks enters into Igloo Books deal

DreamWorks enters into Igloo Books deal

DreamWorks Animation Publishing has signed a master UK publishing deal with Igloo Books.

Under the terms of the contract, Igloo will develop, sell and distribute colouring and activity books, story books, novelty titles and e-books based on DreamWorks characters for the UK market. The initial deal runs until 2017 but John Styring, c.e.o. at Igloo Books, envisages a “long-term partnership”. “There’s a strong likelihood we will publish about 70–100 books for DreamWorks, and we will look to sell them in bookshops, [through] online retailers and supermarkets, but also anywhere that wants to bring these properties to life, such as toy shops,” Styring said.

In 2015 Igloo will publish books based on the DreamWorks films “Home”, opening in UK cinemas in March, and “B.O.O.” (October 2015), as well as titles based around established brands such as Kung Fu Panda, Madagascar and Shrek. “DreamWorks has some really great characters,” said Styring.

“We can bring life to some classics, like Shrek.”

Speaking at Brand Licensing Europe 2014 in London (7th–9th October), Harriet Murphy, DreamWorks Press’ director of international publishing, said books help to “sell stories”. She added: “Without a story there is no brand. DreamWorks are storytellers. We’ve been doing movies for years, and publishing is an extension of that.”