DK partners with Kahoot! to improve digital learning

DK partners with Kahoot! to improve digital learning

DK is partnering with educational gaming platform Kahoot! to improve digital learning. 

The move comes after the publisher received feedback from teachers wanting bespoke learning games to improve their students’ educational experience online post-Covid. In the last 12 months, 300 million games have been played on the Kahoot! platform.

Hilary Fine, DK’s education development director, said she was "delighted" with the partnership, adding: "We are renowned for our dynamic, inspiring and engaging educational content and have created the Kahoot! quizzes to further support the learner experience. We are launching the DK Kahoot! profile with quizzes to accompany our highly successful English for Everyone language learning course, and look forward to adding many more collections based on popular DK books in the future.”

Craig Narveson, director of strategic partnerships at Kahoot!, added: “At Kahoot!, we want to empower everyone to unlock their deepest learning potential, and we know that English skills can be key in unlocking new opportunities to learn, connect and explore. Language skills are so valuable in our connected world, so we’re happy to be partnering with DK to bring the playful experience of Kahoot! to English learners of all ages.”

DK's Kahoot! profile is now up and running online.