Davis probes British industry for Little, Brown

Davis probes British industry for Little, Brown

Little, Brown will be examining Britain’s industries with a title by Evan Davis, “Dragons’ Den” and “Today” programme presenter.

Made in Britain will be published on 5th May as an £18.99 hardback, tying-in to a three-part BBC2 series of the same name, fronted by Davis and broadcast in May. The book will be divided into sections on manufacturing, services and intellectual property.

Tim Whiting, Little, Brown publishing director, said it will tackle the age-old question: “Is Britain going to the dogs?” Whiting said: “One of the reasons why people say it is ‘going to the dogs’ is our perceived industrial decline . . . In the book, [Davis] tackles this in his light-hearted way and does a very good job of getting to the heart of what our economic instinct is. As the world changes, countries have to adapt, but it depends on the instincts of the country as to how they do that. The book looks at our history, at the Corn Laws and how we developed as a free trade nation.”

As well as examining areas of industrial decline, the book looks at areas of strength for Britain, such as education, research, advertising, design and packaging, with case studies on companies such as London-based folding bike manufacturers, Brompton Bicycle.

Whiting added: “It is going to appeal to readers of business books, but also anyone interested in our history and identity. It taps into discussions we have all the time.”