'Community-minded' digital-first women's fiction to Orion

'Community-minded' digital-first women's fiction to Orion

Orion Fiction is publishing three "community-minded" women’s fiction novellas as a "digital-first" mini series. 

The trio of novellas about community and finding your place in the world has been authored by Megan Attley. The name is the pseudonym of Rachel Griffiths, an established women’s fiction writer based in South Wales.

The Garden on Holly Street will be brought out in three 'e'-parts between March and May of next year, with the complete novel (combining all three novellas) following in the summer. World rights were bought by Bethan Jones from Amanda Preston at LBA.

About a group of Manchester residents who between them live in several blocks of flats all centring around a community garden, among the story's chief characters are: recently single Abby, who moves into the flat still reeling from her break-up; little boy Ernie, an only child and part of a single-parent family; and pensioner Arthur, who has become completely isolated since the death of his beloved wife, Julia.

"They all live next to each other and yet they might as well be strangers. It’s only when Abby discovers the unloved patch of garden that their lives begin to change and intersect in a transformative way," the blurb reads.

Bethan Jones, assistant editor, said: "There is something really timely about this story. We live in a world where, for many of us, neighbours are basically strangers, when the older generation are often dismissed and forgotten. The Garden on Holly Street looks at the magic that can happen when you pay attention and take care of those around you, and Megan has brought this world to life in a truly heart-warming and inspiring way."

Attley said: "I am extremely excited about this series. Modern life can be hectic, which means that we often neglect ourselves and others. The Garden on Holly Street explores what can happen when you slow down and, quite literally, smell the roses. Bethan Jones's passion and enthusiasm for the story and the characters equals my own, and it has been an absolute joy to work with her and the team at Orion."

Following the digital publication, The Garden on Holly Street will be published on 11th July 2019 in paperback original and e-book, priced £8.99.