CLPE opens crowdfunded literacy library

CLPE opens crowdfunded literacy library

More than 200 guests from the publishing and education sectors attended the launch of a new crowdfunded literacy library, opened by the Centre for Literacy in Primary Education (CLPE) on Friday (2nd November).

Many of the guests, including poet Michaela Morgan, author SF Said, and Two Hoots publisher Suzanne Carnell, had sponsored sections of the new library, which houses 23,000 children’s books in total.

“Our Literacy Library, specially designed as a dedicated and permanent space for our collection of 23,000 children’s books will benefit over five million children,” said Louise Johns-Shepherd, chief executive of CLPE. “The amazing support we have had to enable this to happen is a testament to an industry that truly believes in the power of reading and books to transform lives.”

CLPE launched the crowdfunding campaign in January and raised more than £60,000 from charities, teachers, schools, literacy organisations, local businesses and publishers across the UK. Highlights of the campaign included an anonymous donation of £9000 and a contribution of £15,000 from Santander’s Changemaker Fund.

Several illustrators provided artwork for the library, including Axel Scheffler, David Roberts and Sandra Dieckmann.