CLPE appeals for donations to create a Literacy Library

CLPE appeals for donations to create a Literacy Library

The Centre for Literacy in Primary Education (CLPE) is hoping organisations and individuals will pledge towards a new library at its headquarters in London.

The charity is planning to create a “Literacy Library”, which will house around 23,000 children’s books and resources for teachers and literacy professionals, and will benefit more than five million children. It is asking individuals or groups, who will have a bookshelf, bookcase, alcove or collection at the centre dedicated to them, to donate any amount between £100-£10,000 to the project.

Louise Johns-Shepherd, c.e.o. of CLPE, said: "This is the start of a very exciting time for the CLPE.  We are so aware of the pressures that libraries, charities and schools are under, and we hope that our fundraising campaign will support them by creating and sharing an amazing new space that will benefit thousands of people across London and the UK."

Several organisations and authors have already pledged their support, including BookTrust, Beanstalk and Julia Donaldson.

“Having seen the inspiring work CLPE do to help schools to use drama, poetry and stories in creative ways I fully support their bid for improving the building,” said Donaldson. “It’s so exciting to think of their library being able to display all their 23,000 books, and that it could become a nationally renowned training centre for teachers, librarians and literacy charities.”

CLPE was founded in 1972 as The Centre for Language in Primary Education and became an independent charity in 2002. It provides literacy training for schools and allows publishers and charities to use its headquarters as a meeting place.

Anyone wishing to donate to the campaign can contact Catherine Alport on