Campaigners urge councils to revisit closure plans

Campaigners urge councils to revisit closure plans

Library campaigners around the country are calling on councils to reconsider planned closures following the High Court ruling on Wednesday (16th November) that Somerset and Gloucestershire County Council plans for cutting funds to many libraries were unlawful.

The Save Bolton Libraries campaign said: "We have made a strong case to Bolton council that older people, families with children and disabled people will all be adversely affected by these closures, especially where they do not have a car, or access to the internet at home, and we still do not feel these concerns have been properly addressed . . .

"We are submitting a detailed dossier of all these concerns to the Department for Culture this month. In the light of this High Court ruling and until the position is clearer we call upon Bolton Council to halt the planned closures and talk again to local people."

In a statement on its website, campaign group Save Doncaster Libraries said its local council should take heed of the outcome of the
Gloucestershire/Somerset judicial review. "The council has conducted an Equalities Impact Assessment and is aware that there will be significant negative impact to communities in Doncaster," the group stated.  "The law takes public sector equality duties seriously—[Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council] can't afford not to."

Isle of Wight campaigners said they were "seeking legal advice" following the latest ruling.