Burnham makes MLA 'censorship' complaint

<p>Swindon library campaigner Shirley Burnham has lodged a formal complaint against the Museums, Libraries and Archives Council (MLA), saying the concerns of Swindon residents have been &quot;censored&quot;.<br /><br />Burnham made the complaint to the Department of Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) permanent secretary Jonathan Stephens. She argued: &quot;It is sad that residents and local campaigners have for over six months had to battle for their views to be heard.&quot; </p><p>The action followed a refusal by MLA director of corporate services Paul Lander to circulate a letter sent by Burnham to the MLA board. The letter requested that an apology be given to the residents of Old Town, Swindon, in relation to the MLA&#39;s recent actions over Swindon libraries, and called for the holding of a plenary meeting. </p><p>But Lander said publication of the recent report into the earlier complaint made by library consultant Tim Coates &quot;draws a line under this matter&quot;.</p>