The Bookseller launches book video site

<p>The Bookseller has launched a new book video site, Bookbox, with the intention of providing a platform for publishers to show their author and book videos to a trade-wide audience. The site, <a href="../book-box" target="_blank" title=""></a>, has launched with 12 John Wiley videos, from its Wiley Business, Capstone, and For Dummies imprints.</p><p>David Wright, advertising director at <em>The Bookseller,</em> said: &quot;The ambition for Bookbox is to be the premier showcase for book videos. Throughout the last five years book videos have grown rapidly in both quantity and importance. There are currently more than 400 distribution channels for book videos, but there is not a single channel that can provide the combination of quantity and quality of visitors that receives.&quot; attracts more than 5,000 users a day.</p><p>Christine Dunn, director of marketing, professional &amp; trade at John Wiley&#39;s Europe, Middle East and African division, said: &quot;The videos help us to raise the profile of featured books in the online environment, and our reps and publicists will be able to use the site as part of their own promotional drive.&quot; Wiley currently has 100 book videos, and later this year will launch its own studio in order to up the production by 25%. &quot;We are definitely taking a bigger step,&quot; said Dunn.</p><p>Dunn encouraged other publishers to put their videos on <em>The Bookseller</em> site: &quot;Bookbox offers a very good platform to get the videos in front of a trade audience, but you&#39;ve got to reach a critical mass to make it relevant.&quot;</p><p>Publishers with videos to showcase on the site should contact</p>