Bloomsbury supports city-wide reading scheme

Bloomsbury supports city-wide reading scheme

Nottingham will be involved with a city-wide reading scheme to celebrate the 10th anniversary and first stage production of Khaled Hosseini’s The Kite Runner. The book, published by Bloomsbury, has been adapted for the stage by Matthew Spangler and will be performed at the Nottingham Playhouse from today (26th April), its European premiere.

To mark the occasion, Nottingham Council has partnered with Bloomsbury and Nottingham Playhouse, with 500 copies of the novel given out to book groups in schools, libraries, universities and prisons.

As well as giving out free copies of the book, there will be a series of events around the city based around the book, with discussion groups at libraries, free sessions with Spangler, and a kite-flying event in a city park.

Libraries have also been running special displays to promote the idea of the city read, including hanging up kites, with readers able to pin their own reviews to the tail.

Bloomsbury have released a 10th anniversary edition of the book with a a new foreword by Hosseini. It is on sale in Waterstones at a price of £2.99.

Hosseini’s new book, And the Mountain’s Echoed, is published by Bloomsbury on 21st May.