Bezos seeing shift away from 'agency' publishers

<p>Jeff Bezos, founder and chief executive of, has said that there has been &quot;significant shift&quot; away from publishers who operate on an agency model.</p><p>In an interview in <em>Fortune</em>, Bezos said that some publishers were continuing to be &quot;very aggressive on prices, pricing their books well below $9.99&quot;, and added: &quot;Others are trying to do everything they can to make prices as high as possible. And what you&#39;re going to see is a share shift from one group of publishers to this other group of publishers.&quot; When pressed, he added, &quot;It&#39;s a significant shift and we&#39;re seeing it already.&quot; <br /><br />Bezos is also critical of multimedia devices, such as the iPad, saying, &quot;The Kindle is for readers.&quot; He added: &quot;In some ways, books are also staying exactly the same. The whole narrative isn&#39;t changing. The book is not really the container for the book. The book itself is the narrative. It&#39;s the thing that people create.&quot;<br /><br />&quot;There&#39;s another way that it&#39;s not changing, and that&#39;s that the book -- the physical book -- is designed to disappear and get out of the way so you can enter the author&#39;s world. So when you&#39;re reading a physical paper book, you&#39;re not thinking about the ink and the glue and the stitching. All of those things vanish so you can focus on the author&#39;s words. The Kindle&#39;s designed to be the same so when you&#39;re reading, the whole device vanishes, so that you&#39;re left with the author&#39;s world.&quot; </p>