'Washing up is good for you': Octopus launches mindful series

'Washing up is good for you': Octopus launches mindful series

Aster, Octopus' new lifestyle imprint, is publishing a new series dedicated to mindful living in partnership with the Department Store for the Mind pop-up shop.

Each book in the series offers stories and ideas about creating daily habits that are "kind to the mind", whether through a connection with nature, creativity or everyday tasks, or simply being "more accepting of ourselves".

Aster will publish Walking in the Rain and Washing Up is Good for You on 5th October at £12.99 each in hardback. Octopus consultant publisher and head of the Aster imprint Kate Adams acquired world rights directly.

Department Store for the Mind is a new creative venture by Sophie Howarth, co-founder of the School of Life, described as "a place to explore the world inside your head: a vast and unique terrain of thoughts, ideas, emotions and memories", as well as a shopping destination for people seeking "beautiful things for mindful living".

Walking in the Rain will show readers how walking is "medicine for the mind", complete with stories from artists, designers, writers, psychologists and speakers who have been inspired by the effect of pacing outdoors. Anecdotes range from walks in the city to hikes through woods at dawn and epic adventures involving long journeys on foott, with writers offering up the relateable lessons they learned as a result.

Washing Up is Good for You will meanwhile champion the benefits of everyday domestic activities, like the washing up, if you do it mindfully. Taking one everyday activity at a time, artists, designers, writers, psychologists and speakers will share their stories and experiences of the everyday, from family bonding over the washing up to "wondrous" rituals with a cup of tea and the creation of playful households.

Adams said: “After stumbling across the Department Store for the Mind pop up shop, I knew immediately that I wanted to collaborate with such an innovative and creative brand. I love their approach to mindfulness and the books are really beautiful and inspiring.”