Angela Eagle signs 'major' book with Biteback

Angela Eagle signs 'major' book with Biteback

Iain Dale, m.d. of Biteback Publishing, has acquired world rights to a "major" new book by Labour MP Angela Eagle and former political advisor Imran Ahmed.

The New Serfdom examines why, in one of the most successful nations in the world, so many people feel left behind and no longer believe that politics can provide solutions to their problems. It argues that the old assumption that if you "work hard and play by the rules" you can get on in life increasingly looks like a "cruel joke".

Home ownership, secure employment, real wages and confidence in the system are on the decline, while rising inequality, underemployment, exploitative employment practices and a failure to invest in lifelong education are creating a "new serfdom," the book will argue. At a time when our social and political institutions appear to be "misfiring" and "on the brink of collapse", this "powerful" new book will look at what needs to change to build a competitive economy, powered by a fulfilled, happy and productive citizenry for the twenty-first century and beyond.

Dale said: "When trust in the institutions of state has never been lower, this critical and far-reaching book is more needed than ever. This may well turn out to be one of the most important books of next year."

The New Serfdom will be published in March 2018.