HarperNonFiction signs comedian Schumer

HarperNonFiction signs comedian Schumer

Award-winning comedian Amy Schumer’s memoir has been snapped up by HarperNonFiction after an intense multi-publisher auction.

The tentatively titled The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo is a collection of personal stories and anecdotes, combining Schumer’s fresh take on feminism with socially aware satire "ranging from the raunchy to the romantic, the heartfelt to the harrowing".

Publishing director Jack Fogg paid "well into six figures" for UK and Commonwealth rights in the auction, negotiated by Caspian Dennis and Sandy Violette at Abner Stein on behalf of David Kuhn and Chelsey Heller at Kuhn Projects. HarperNonFiction will publish in autumn 2016 in conjunction with Shona Martyn at Harper Australia.

Schumer said: "I am thrilled to have found a home in the UK and Australia in Harper Collins and I hope they're happy to find even more than they bargained for in me."

Fogg said: "It was an absolute joy reading the material for Amy’s book. She has a natural ease on the page: acerbic, raucous and pithy, and manages to convey a real depth and range of emotion with economy and style. Also, she’s really bloody funny and what a pleasure it is to read someone who can make you laugh."

Schumer is an award-winning comedian, writer, actress and producer. She recently won an Emmy for her sketch show, "Inside Amy Schumer" and earned positive reviews for her self-penned movie "Trainwreck", which has so far earned $138m in worldwide revenue.

Martyn added: "Amy Schumer's book material exemplifies why women connect with her - she's hilarious, honest but also deep and not afraid to tackle the awkward issues. Women love Amy because she is real; first she makes us snort with unseemly laughter and then we share her with our friends because she ‘gets us’. But above all, she is a great writer, highly observant and perfectly paced. I am beyond excited to be publishing her book in Australia and New Zealand."

HarperNonFiction will publish in autumn 2016 in hardback, e-book and audio with a paperback to follow in 2017.