Amazon, B&N comply with Apple app rules

Amazon, B&N comply with Apple app rules

Amazon has followed digital manufacturer Kobo and retailer Barnes & Noble in complying with Apple's app purchasing rules.

The retailer removed the "shop” button that sent consumers to its site to buy e-books on Monday (25th July) to comply with the rules. According to, Barnes & Noble also removed its shop link yesterday.

The requirements, imposed in February, insist all commercial content made available through apps also has to be made available through the iTunes store, and that links to purchase the content externally should be removed. The purchases will bring Apple a 30% cut of sales.

Amazon delayed in removing the button until after the 30th June deadline passed, and refused to comment beyond a statement on an online forum explaining that it made the move "in order to comply with recent policy changes by Apple".

Kobo, the Nook Kids app and Wall Street Journal removed their direct-selling links over the weekend, while the Google Books app disappeared completely.

Apple softened its requirements in June, so that content could be viewed so long as the direct links to buy were removed, or replaced with an in-app purchasing tool that would see Apple take 30% of any e-book bought.