Adele Parks takes over books coverage in new Platinum Magazine

Adele Parks takes over books coverage in new Platinum Magazine

The newly launched Platinum Magazine, a magazine aimed at women over 55, has launched a books section edited by novelist Adele Parks.

Owner DC Thomson described the arrival of the publication in September as “the biggest UK women’s magazine launch in over a decade”. Now the magazine has unveiled a double-page books section overseen by Adele Parks, author of the recent Sunday Times number one bestseller Lies Lies Lies (HQ).

Parks tweeted earlier this week: “Very chuffed with my new book column in Platinum Magazine. A chance for me to talk about some of the books I love. I’ll be doing this regularly so publishing publicists, do get in touch.”

The novelist told The Bookseller about her aims for the double-spread books section for the magazine, which she pitched as a " new glossy, monthly magazine, aimed at women over 55 who believe in making the most of every day".

“When I was first approached by Platinum... I was asked to write about six of my favourite books, in the tone of recommending great books at a book club,” she said. “It was the freedom of the brief that appealed to me. I can write about non-fiction, classics, new releases – the only thing I have to keep in mind is that the magazine is aimed at UK women over 55, who are living their best lives.”

She described how “Platinum aims to celebrate the busy, diverse lives of amazing women with thought-provoking content that it as stylish as they are…I think that has been reflected in the beautiful double page spread highlighting my book club choices each month”.

Parks is hopeful that the mix of old and new books means that older titles can also be challenged. “I love the fact I can celebrate a book that was published a while back and has in my mind achieved enduring, classic status. We move quite quickly onto the next thing in publishing, I wouldn’t mind slowing that down a smidgen. That said, I want to celebrate new talent and new titles from established authors too. I hope it doesn’t need saying but of course my page will have male authors reviewed."

The news appears to buck the trend compared to many other magazines and new soutlets. “I am incredibly excited Platinum are devoting so much space to books, sadly that’s not the trend for magazines aimed at younger people.” Books coverage in the media has been in jeopardy in recent years with the closure of the Pool in February and in 2017 The Bookseller revealed many publications were restricting space.  

Parks said of Platinum’s dedication to books: “Of course it’s a smart move; most women I know age 55 plus are avid readers, many are in book clubs because they like receiving recommendations, then discussing what they are reading. These women are passionate, excited and engaged. If I can lead those readers to some of my favourite books, then I’m thrilled.” 

She added: “I will be trying to reflect the diverse tastes of women over 55, and hope to include a non-fiction title in my pick each month. The remaining five titles will be fiction - literary or genre; I don’t see a distinction. A great read is a great read. That’s my starting point.”

Platinum is edited by Ali Kirker and will also cover health, style, travel, financial advice and homes with as well as regular columnists. Publishers with titles that they think might be relevant should email Parks on