Bullet Journal creator signs book deal

Bullet Journal creator signs book deal

4th Estate is to publish the Bullet Journal creator’s first book featuring a manifesto for "intentional living".

In The Bullet Journal Method, Ryder Carroll, who designed the popular organisational system, will explore how to use his method to track the past, order the present and design the future.

Commissioning editor Tom Killingbeck bought UK and Commonwealth rights for the title from Rory Scarfe at Furniss Lawton on behalf of Sterling Lord Literistic. It will be published on 23rd October this year.

The bullet journal combines elements of a wishlist, a to-do list, and a diary and was first developed by Carroll, a digital product designer, after he had failed with apps and planners. He shared his method with a few friends which led a worldwide viral movement, according to a 4th Estate spokesperson. The book was inspired by his TEDx talk on intentionality he gave at Yale University.

The book includes practical tips on how to use the method, but is also a manifesto for what the author calls "intentional living": making sure that one's beliefs and actions align, the blurb reads. It includes exercises to become more calm and focused, new insights on how to prioritise, and a new awareness of the power of analogue tools in a digital world.

Killingbeck said: "Bullet journaling has snowballed into a true phenomenon in the past few years – a cursory search of Instagram will reveal millions of posts from advocates of this much-acclaimed organisational system, who have taken its central tenets and used them to shape their journals into a seemingly infinite number of dazzling different forms.

“But it all started with Ryder, who never dreamed that his personal way of organising himself would connect with so many people. In The Bullet Journal Method, he offers the reader the full, authoritative guide to the system, celebrates the best of the bullet journal community and demonstrates how it all sits within his broader philosophy of living with intention."

He said that "judging from the amount of converts in the office since acquisition, we’ll all be Bullet Journalists by Christmas".

Carroll described his goal as creating "the resource I wish I'd had. It's a practical tool kit assembled from various traditions, designed to help us live intentionally in this age of endless distraction".

"I'm excited, and incredibly grateful, for this opportunity to share what I've found to be life-changing with others," he said.

Carroll is based in the US and has previously worked with companies such as Adidas, American Express and HP. He will be visiting the UK in early November to promote The Bullet Journal Method.