Century buys Washington DC-set crime novel

Century has acquired a crime novel set in 1990s Washington DC by US author Neely Tucker.

Jack Fogg bought UK and Commonwealth rights, excluding Canada, in The Ways of the Dead, and an unnamed second book, in a deal struck with Natasha Fairweather at A P Watt at United Agents in collaboration with Elyse Cheney in New York.

The book is based on the Princeton Place murders in DC in 1998. When the teenage daughter of a powerful Federal judge is found in a dumpster with her throat cut, the police arrest three black gang members. However, Sully Carter, a veteran war correspondent, suspects there's more to the case than the police would want the public to know and starts to pursue his own line of enquiry.

Fogg said: "The Ways of the Dead is one of those rare and brilliant crime novels that has real narrative scope-from Washington newsrooms to federal courthouses to the streets-and presents an unvarnished view of America which is at once brutal, riveting and totally authentic."

Tucker is a journalist on the Washington Post.