• The rate of change

    I write in response to a recent story in The Bookseller about the number of independent bookshops in the UK decreasing by 48 to 939... Read more

  • Mind, body, spirit

    I once asked Bloomsbury chief executive Nigel Newton how he could justify the multi-million pound publishing group being a member of the Independent Publishers Guild.... Read more

  • The right to the truth

    The Supreme Court’s decision today allowing publication of James Rhodes’ shocking but ultimately uplifting memoir (Instrumental, Canongate) is a major boost for freedom of... Read more

  • Out of the blue

    The general election may feel like last week’s news, but the book trade is now facing what may be an unprecedented era of political interrogation—both... Read more

  • Credit where it's due

    If you look at the children’s book sales charts, you will notice something about the ones at the top: many of them are highly illustrated.... Read more

  • Writing for TV and children's books – what's the difference?

    Cas Lester, author of the Nixie the Bad, Bad Fairy series (Oxford University Press) and former head of drama development at CBBC, talks about the... Read more

  • Vanity fair?

    On the face of it, it is paradoxical that while it’s never been easier for authors to get their books into print, there has never... Read more

  • Dept of rumination

    One might get worried reading the Publishers Association’s Statistics Yearbook 2014. Many of the big numbers are down, while only a few of the... Read more

  • Election implications

    With David Cameron capable of forming a government free of the need to negotiate red lines in darkened rooms, what are the likely implications for... Read more

  • General confection

    How will the book trade vote in 2015? Despite its sometimes patrician image, the trade—according to The Bookseller’s online poll—is now firmly behind... Read more

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