• Pay fair

    There have been a number of articles about the finances of literature festivals recently, so I would like to give Cheltenham Festival’s perspective.  Our main... Read more

  • A good rep

    Nothing more clearly illustrates the seismic shifts in the publishing landscape in the past 10 years than the decline of publishers’ sales forces. Their numbers... Read more

  • The publishing job

    For years the big trade publishers have pursued almost identical strategies, but now there are clear signs of divergence. This week at an International Publishers... Read more

  • Social Media in YA Books

    Elise Watson is studying on the Publishing MA course at University College London In 2014 Facebook had more than a billion users and Twitter had... Read more

  • Children's content: who are the gatekeepers?

    Simon Flamank, Executive Director at leading UK media advisory firm, Bob&Co, discusses the role of the ‘Gatekeeper’ in the content industry. Within the everyday lexicon... Read more

  • The public side of public libraries

    Public libraries are as the name suggests, a public service, but the public has little real say in how the service is delivered. However, the... Read more

  • Balancing the books

    “Books, authors, publishers, bookshops and libraries are integral to the cultural fabric of our country. I would argue that they are our cultural heritage. I... Read more

  • Why PRH is scheming on recruitment

    Penguin Random House UK has launched a new initiative to find four budding marketers to work across their imprints and locations. The first... Read more

  • Advice to booksellers

    Let's start with this: on the face of it there is not a lot for the author... Read more

  • Hearts and crimes

    The library service is falling into its own dystopian tale. The story fits all the tropes: a bleak landscape of buildings far from their former... Read more

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