• Oi everyone!

    By Philip Jones

    Editor at The Bookseller

    Contrary to what you might occasionally hear, cross-industry campaigns are not a rarity in this business. Read more

  • The Diagram Prize for Oddest Book Title of the Year is back

    By Horace Bent

    Diarist at The Bookseller

    I’m sure you are all familiar with “Captain America: The Winter Soldier”, in which the red, white and blue-clad superdude Steve Rogers is harried by... Read more

  • It’s time to be bold

    By Marcus Leaver

    Chief executive at The Quarto Group

    On my various travels around the world, I find myself dwelling repeatedly in these troubled times about the social and economic value of books and... Read more

  • The can-do attitude

    By James Spackman

    Publisher at Pursuit

    "All surveys, ever, have found that women don’t do more sport because they lack the time,” said Tanya Joseph, architect of Sport England’s immensely successful... Read more

  • Anatomy of a campaign: #LoveAudio

    By Fionnuala Barrett

    Senior audio editor at HarperCollins

    When I talk to non-publishing people (and sometimes publishing people too) about my job in audiobooks, I often hear that people simply don’t know where... Read more

  • The can do people

    By Philip Jones

    Editor at The Bookseller

    Philip Jones looks at the can do attitudes of marketers and publicists. Read more

  • 'We needn't be wed to pen and paper to truly appreciate fiction'

    By Romy Short

    Assessment director at Renaissance

    Romy Short, assessment director at Renaissance, on how assessment technologies can help get children reading. Read more

  • Raising stars

    By Philip Jones

    Editor at The Bookseller

    Philip Jones on the next generation of publishing stars. Read more

  • Striking a balance

    By Kathy Gale

    Psychotherapist and writing coach at Writers' Studio

    With a foot in both the publishing and psychotherapy camps, Kathy Gale has a rare perspective on the emotional side of writing - and believes... Read more

  • Winning ways

    By Benedicte Page

    Deputy editor at The Bookseller

    Benedicte Page looks at what the political parties are offering the publishing industry ahead of the general election. Read more

  • Marketing vs Publicity

    By Julia Kingsford

    Director at Kingsford Campbell

    Julia Kingsford explains why the difference between marketing and publicity doesn’t really matter as long as you have a strategy. Read more

  • Strong and stable

    By Philip Jones

    Editor at The Bookseller

    Philip Jones looks at how publishers tackle tricky subjects. Read more

  • Too much too young?

    By Clare Grist Taylor

    Publishing and business consultant at CGT Publishing Services

    Publishing benefits hugely from a talented and motivated workforce but can early promotion obstruct development for the next generation of leaders?... Read more

  • What next after adult colouring?

    By Martin de la Bédoyère

    Managing director at Search Press

    Martin de la Bédoyère on where trends leave genuine art and craft books. Read more

  • The cult of the new

    By Benedicte Page

    Deputy editor at The Bookseller

    Benedicte Page takes a look at the changing face of publishing. Read more

The Official UK CHART

  1. 1.
    The World's Worst Children 2
    by Walliams, David
  2. 2.
    Rather be the Devil
    by Ian Rankin
  3. 3.
    Cooking for Family and Friends
    by Joe Wicks
  4. 4.
    The Couple Next Door
    by Shari Lapena
  5. 5.
    When the Music's Over
    by Peter Robinson
  6. 6.
    The Button Box
    by Dilly Court
  7. 7.
    Night School
    by Lee Child
  8. 8.
    Hidden Killers
    by Lynda La Plante
  9. 9.
    SAS: Rogue Heroes
    by Ben Macintyre
  10. 10.
    by James Patterson & Michael Ledwidge