• Missionaries

    In the early noughties, The Bookseller ran an occasional series on “real booksellers”. Written by our former retail correspondent Richard Lewis, the idea was to... Read more

  • Leap of faith

    I am writing this in a cafe on my way to General Synod. It’s quite an exciting time in the Church of England at the... Read more

  • Textbook case

    Oh dear, here we go again. Minister, backed by expert, wins over-excited headlines in right-of-centre newspapers alleging that British education publishers are producing below standard... Read more

  • DIY publicity

    In 30 years of shop-floor bookselling, I have seen bulbous reputations rise . . . and pop. Below the hum of the launch party lies... Read more

  • It's all good

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  • Output remixed

    One of the oft-repeated criticisms of publishing is based around the notion that publishers publish too many books. How can a publisher, or bookseller, give... Read more

  • Agency returned

    After more than six months and some of the most heated arguments I've ever seen in the book business (although rarely between the two protagonists)... Read more

  • The new novel

    The logo we chose for the Goldsmiths Prize [awarded on 12th November to Ali Smith's How to Be Both] is the line that... Read more

  • Blog standard

    There’s a quote from the Times on the cover of my début novel Precious Thing, but until now I haven’t thanked the journalist who wrote... Read more

  • Society of Young Publishers looks to the future

    On Saturday 8th November I attended the annual Society of Young Publishers (SYP) conference at the London College of Communications, The Bookseller being the media... Read more