• Let's talk about books

    Books, books, books. The whole world is talking about books. Twitter, Facebook and even Instagram and Pinterest – my entire life is filled with people... Read more

  • House building

    A few weeks ago an executive confided in me their strategy for weathering the new publishing climate: it was to have the biggest house on... Read more

  • Germany's €1m Booksellers Prize

    Deutscher Buchhandlungspreis: that’s not a name that rolls off the tongue smoothly, even for a German. Ever since the first German Booksellers Prize was announced... Read more

  • The century of the shelf

    A sceptical customer recently asked: “How long are these stamp-and-save cards valid?” In trying to avoid the ridiculous answer, “forever”, I replied “they will last... Read more

  • The case for publisher subrights teams

    In her column, Wrongs of Rights, literary agent Clare Alexander says she believes no rights department in publishing has "the necessary skills any more"... Read more

  • Up, up and away?

    It may not have quite the same resonance as William Goldman’s infamous line about the movie business—“nobody knows anything”—but Carolyn Reidy’s comment, made at... Read more

  • Academic reviews crisis

    Despite some gloomy predictions, the academic book remains in good health. Most academics in the humanities and social sciences are committed to it as essential... Read more

  • Wrongs of rights

    A key issue for us at the moment is the pressure by big global corporate publishers (and the occasional less big publisher) to try to... Read more

  • Rumble, stumble

    Booksellers heading to the Booksellers Association’s annual conference this weekend do so in better shape than they have been for years. There is growth in... Read more

  • Do you need a PhD to work in scholarly publishing?

    Why should you consider scholarly publishing as a career?  It’s just long beards, dusty tomes and heavy textbooks, right?  Wrong. Scholarly publishing is one of... Read more

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