• First time in Frankfurt

    Compared to Frankfurt‘s imposing skyscrapers, the entrance to the halls containing the Frankfurt Book Fair is fairly unassuming. Once our group of 32 postgraduate publishing... Read more

  • Brand strand

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  • That narrow road

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  • Frankfurt: where are the bookshops?

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  • The infant phenomenon

    In Nicholas Nickleby, “the Infant Phenomenon” Ninetta Crummles is hailed by her parents as a marvel of talent and acting ability; a pocket titan, ready... Read more

  • Repping indies

    When there is a storm, it is felt first in the dinghies and rowing boats (authors and small bookshops) and the industry has certainly experienced... Read more

  • Team teen

    Back in the 19th century, “teenagers” didn’t exist. There was childhood, there was adulthood, and there was the awkward limbo in between: an unrecognised, uncelebrated... Read more

  • Cruise control

    Publishers are businesses travelling at different velocities, but it would be rare to see one exceed the speed limit. At the Frankfurt Book Fair, as... Read more

  • A terrifying liberation

    It bothers me that “consumer publishing” is often understood as marketing to the mass market. All book publishers today need to be consumer publishers, whether... Read more

  • Myths of discoverability

    Discoverability is a popular topic in the industry today with lots of debate over whose responsibility it is but there are few articles offering practical... Read more