Zaffre clinches 'terrifying' debut thriller from physician Montgomery

Zaffre clinches 'terrifying' debut thriller from physician Montgomery

Bonnier imprint Zaffre has clinched a “terrifying and compelling” thriller from debut author, physician and endurance expert Hugh Montgomery.

Control, to be published in August, tells the story of renowned surgeon Michael Trenchard, who is discovered in his office in a locked-in coma, apparently as a result of auto-erotic asphyxiation. It is left to Dr Kash Devan, Trenchard's young protégé, to uncover the chilling truth.

Kate Parkin, m.d. of adult publishing, acquired world rights from Nigel Stoneman, head of development at La Plante Global. Stoneman will also represent the book’s dramatic rights.

Montgomery is a professor and the director of the UCL Centre for Human Health and Performance at University College London. His extraordinary biography includes pioneering genetic research, co-founding the UK Climate and Health Council, running three ultra-marathons, scaling the world's sixth highest mountain, jumping naked from a plane at 14,000ft and holding the world record for underwater piano playing.

Parkin called his book “a terrifying and compelling story that lays bare the very darkest side of the medical profession”.

Montgomery said: “I love thrillers, and the chance to live inside one was a rare joy. The inspiration for the book comes from my experience as a junior doctor.  In those days we lived on hospital wards for days without leaving them – or even sleeping. I am fascinated by the intense daily drama that surrounds hospital life and I hope readers will be, too.”