Yellow Kite wins eight-way auction for Aldo Kane's story

Yellow Kite wins eight-way auction for Aldo Kane's story

Yellow Kite has acquired Aldo Kane's "inspirational" memoir Lessons From the Edge, following an eight-way auction. 

Kane is a trained Royal Marines sniper and an "extreme TV adventurer", known for his ability to navigate and lead through challenging and pressured environments, whether it be abseiling into an erupting volcano in the Democratic Republic of Congo, rowing the Atlantic, getting locked in a bunker for 10 days with no daylight, leading Steve Backshall into the jungle or being held at gunpoint while protecting Jason Fox from a Mexican drug cartel.

In his debut book, Lessons From The Edge, Aldo aims to inspire readers with his "jaw-dropping" stories and show them how to survive and thrive through sheer strength of mind and sharp decision-making, says the publisher. 

The book will also reveal how the author was able to cope with suddenly feeling worthless, how he overcame doors slamming in his face, how he came to realise that you can’t wait for things to happen and instead how he rediscovered his identity and found purpose and belonging. 

Lauren Whelan, editorial director, won world rights at auction from Carly Cook at Found in conjunction with Miranda Chadwick at Mirador Management. Publication is scheduled for 30th September 2021, alongside an "unmissable" publicity and marketing campaign.

Whelan said: "Aldo’s experiences are truly astonishing – but what also shines through the manuscript is his strength of character, his fighting spirit and his unshakeable determination to improve his life – which is what has got him to where he is now, along with his ability to harness his emotions to his advantage and never give up, even when the world wasn’t going his way. This is such a fantastic book and I know readers are going to take so much from it."

Kane commented: "I'm so excited to be publishing my first book, Lessons from the Edge. I wanted to wait until I had survived enough hair-raising adventures, tall stories and near misses to write a memoir packed to the gunwales, and I think I might be there! I also want this book to show a different side to adventure tales; so this isn’t just about the physical drama of gunshots, life or death experiences and exploding volcanos. It’s about how I survive those highs and lows physically and mentally, it’s about being ready to face any situation life may throw your way. It’s about knowing that if you control your fear and your thoughts you can navigate any kind of danger. As well as being an action-packed, white-knuckle read from the comfort of your armchair, it will also share the mechanisms I rely on to help me navigate extreme danger – these are lessons forged in the armoury of real life and I believe they can guide anyone through tough times, whatever the setting."