Yellow Kite reveals four new titles for 2020 list

Yellow Kite reveals four new titles for 2020 list

Yellow Kite has revealed four new titles it has acquired for its 2020 list with a programme that covers the "emotional, physical and spiritual needs of our readers", according to publisher Liz Gough.

The Hodder imprint has new books from lunar guide Kirsty Gallagher, Women’s Health digital editor and Well Far podcast founder Amy Lane, journalist and men’s mental health campaigner Josh Roberts, and ecological medical doctor Jenny Goodman for next year's list.

Gough said: "Yellow Kite is going from strength to strength and I am so happy to be announcing these books and presenting some highlights from our very varied 2020 list alongside my team of editors. We are branding 2020 as 'Your best year yet' and with a rich publishing programme that covers the emotional, physical and spiritual needs of our readers in place, next year looks set to be not only our readers’ best year yet – but also Yellow Kite’s."

Gallagher's Lunar Living, out on 2nd April, is billed as "a positive and accessible guide to living your life with an awareness of the moon’s cycles".  Its synopsis explains: "The majority of us live linear, non-stop lives and have lost touch with our natural rhythms. This book will equip all of us with the knowledge of when the best time to grow, rest and self-reflect is. By working with the magic of the moon, you can plan for life events, align your goals and make lifestyle changes to positively transform your life."

In I Can Run, out on 19th March,  Lane aims to provide a must-have guide for every woman who has had to fight the defeatist voice in their head telling them to stop running. 

The synopsis states: "I Can Run will ensure you never again wait until you're thin enough, fast enough, athletic enough, whatever-next enough, to call yourself a runner, because if you put one foot in front of the other, repeatedly, you are a runner."

Anxious Man by Roberts follows on from a 2017 Times piece he wrote titled "Anxiety at 27: panic attacks and crying in the work loos".  Published on 19th March with a Sptephen Fry foreword, it is billed as "authentic, honest and relatable, a book that breaks down male mental health for sufferers and, crucially, the people around them".

Goodman's Staying Alive in Toxic Times is out on 23rd January. The synopsis explains: "With so many people feeling tired, ill and run-down, this timely guide is what everyone needs in order to stay in radiant, optimal health all year round. Drawing on Dr Jenny Goodman's 20+ years' experience as a medical doctor, lecturer and qualified practitioner of ecological medicine, Staying Alive in Toxic Times sets out exactly how to improve your whole-body health by maximising the nutritional benefits of your diet and minimising the toxins in your environment."