Yellow Kite buys German bestseller on natural medicine

Yellow Kite buys German bestseller on natural medicine

Yellow Kite has bought a bestselling German book on the power of natural medicine from Dr Andreas Michalsen.

Publisher Liz Gough bought UK and Commonwealth rights for The Natural Prescription from Jennifer Choi at Viking US. It will be published as a trade paperback in August.

Dr Michalsen, currently professor of clinical complementary medicine at the Charité University Medical Centre Berlin, is the son of a holistic physician. His book was a number one bestseller in Germany when it was released in 2017 and rights have sold in 23 territories.

The book’s synopsis explains: “Dr Michalsen examines the true potential of nature, taking us through the basic principles and scientific mechanisms of naturopathy and providing us with practical, easy- to-follow instructions on how to integrate naturopathic methods into our daily routine. In the book, Dr Michalsen focuses on mind–body medicine (meditation, yoga, stress reduction), nutritional medicine and therapeutic fasting as well as purging methods. Thoughtfully written and filled with science and history, fascinating case studies, and practical guidance, this illuminating book has the power to transform our health and our lives.”

Gough said: “Dr Michalsen is passionate about embracing the power of plants and natural remedies as ways of healing. His methods chime with current thinking around getting to the heart of health issues and treating the underlying cause rather than trying to control symptoms solely with prescription drugs. The Natural Prescription offers a new blueprint for health, and the book brilliantly blends medical expertise with natural medicine to create a new integrated approach to health and wellbeing and I am really excited to be publishing it.”

Michalsen added: “Combining natural remedies and traditional methods with modern medicine is the powerful solution for the majority of health problems and will become the global medicine of the future. I am delighted to be publishing The Natural Prescription with Yellow Kite this summer.”