Yellow Kite on board for book from TFL underground duo

Yellow Kite on board for book from TFL underground duo

Yellow Kite has acquired All on the Board: Inspirational Quotes from the anonymous Transport for London "underground duo".

Lauren Whelan, editorial director at Yellow Kite and Hodder Lifestyle, acquired world rights from Millie Hoskins at United Agents and Transport for London brand rights from Jo Edwards at the TSBA Group, to publish on 26th November 2020.   

"All on the Board" are two anonymous TFL employees who have made it their mission to bring smiles to the faces of London commuters through writing creative messages, quotes and poems on the service information boards. In three years, they have amassed more than 600,000 fans across their social channels, including many celebrities. 

In the book they offer up a collection of their boards, "to brighten readers’ lives and capture their hearts".

Whelan said: "This project has been long in the making and it’s amazing to see it coming to life in such a special way – they are an imaginative, brilliant pair and have already enriched the days of so many through their work. They bring humanity back to the Underground and readers are going to love this book."

All on the Board said: "We are not normally lost for words and when we do have the words we normally try to make them rhyme, but, we are truly lost for words. Having our own book coming out is a dream come true and we are over the moon. We even exchanged a high-five with the cow jumping over it. We honestly didn’t expect this at all. Thank you to all of the amazing people who have followed us and for the wonderful people who have helped to make this book happen. If you are planning to buy one book this year by two anonymous masked London Underground staff who write poems on boards then make it this one. We hope you enjoy it as much as we’ve enjoyed putting it together."

Mark Evers, chief customer officer at Transport for London, said: "Millions of people use the Tube every day and our staff are great at bringing their own flair to brighten up our customers’ days – whatever their age. It’s great that the anonymous ‘All on the Board’ duo are now able to share their creativity through this book to an even wider audience."