Wilderness expert Hine's 'inspirational' title to Coronet

Wilderness expert Hine's 'inspirational' title to Coronet

Hodder & Stoughton imprint Coronet has acquired a survival memoir by wilderness expert and "right-hand woman to Bear Grylls", Megan Hine.

Charlotte Hardman, editorial director for Coronet, acquired UK and Commonwealth rights from Sarah Manning at United Talent in a multi-way auction.

Mind of a Survivor: Why Most of Us Don’t Make It Out Alive is described as "inspirational" rather than instructional. It sees Hine recount her "high octane life-and-death" adventures as well as sharing her insight into what happens to people when they are pushed to their limits. Hine also aims to show how many of the tools for survival can be applied to more domestic everyday life. Coronet will publish in April 2017.

Hine works behind the scenes on many of the highest-rated survival shows and is increasingly found in front of the camera too. She was most recently seen as an expert on Bear Grylls: Mission Survive on ITV.

Hardman said: "I am so excited to be working with Megan. Mind of a Survivor is a gripping read and an incredibly inspirational one too. Megan has seen and done it all from being chased through the jungle by armed opium farm guards to abseiling past bears and lighting fires with tampons and these brilliantly told stories have you on the edge of your seat. But what I find truly unique about it is that this is a domain traditionally occupied by men and yet by doing everything that the best of the male survival experts can do – and better – and being able to intellectually and insightfully talk about the most stripped back human instinct and what it takes to survive and succeed in any situation, she is a truly aspirational woman. Megan is on the brink of big things and I very much look forward to being a part of that by publishing this incredible book."

Manning added: "Megan is such an inspirational role model, and I can’t wait for readers to be amazed by both her incredible insight and jaw-dropping adventures."