Two Brothers finds reason in Haig's memoir

Two Brothers finds reason in Haig's memoir

The producers of “Fleabag” are reportedly developing a TV show based on Matt Haig’s memoir Reasons To Stay Alive (Canongate).

London-based production studio, Two Brothers Pictures is creating the comedy drama for UKTV, the Discovery and BBC-backed UK broadcaster. Two Brothers has previously produced shows such as the BBC's dark comedy "Fleabag". 

The memoir tells the story of how Haig began struggling with depression aged 24, described as part-memoir and part-manual.

UKTV told Deadline it is working on the adaptation which is in the “very early stages of development”.

In 2017, Benedict Cumberbatch became attached in a remake of his novel How To Stop Time (Canongate), which is being produced by Cumberbatch’s production company Sunny March and Studiocanal. Alfonso Cuaron  was developing a feature based on Haig’s The Radleys while writer and actor Taika Waititi partnered with Brad Pitt’s Plan B to adapt The Last Family in England (all published by Canongate). Haig himself previously wrote on "Paddington", Deadline reported.

Reasons to Stay Alive was published in 2015 and the sequel was announced in 2017. Meanwhile last June Canongate repackaged Haig's backlist titles with a new design.