Transworld shares extract of Dan Brown's Origin

Transworld shares extract of Dan Brown's Origin

Transworld has shared an extract of the new Dan Brown novel Origin to build anticipation of the book's release in three weeks' time on 3rd October.

Fans were emailed a link to the exclusive extract on Wednesday (13th September) hosted on dead good books, providing access to the book's prologue and first chapter.

The prologue features a meeting between 40-year-old tech magnate Edmond Kirsch and Bishop Antonio Valdespino, a figure intent on the preservation of conservative Catholic values, in a "timeless" sanctuary in Catalonia.

"A noble quest, Kirsch thought, despite seeing it as an empty exercise — a meaningless search for random points of correspondence among a hodgepodge of ancient fictions, fables, and myths," reads one extract. "As Bishop Valdespino guided him along the pathway, Kirsch peered down the mountainside with a sardonic thought. Moses climbed a mountain to accept the Word of God… and I have climbed a mountain to do quite the opposite."

Chapter one meanwhile opens with Professor Robert Langdon at a black tie event in the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao.

The sneak peek follows disclosures from the publisher earlier this summer that Origin would be the first Robert Langdon thriller to feature modern art. The novel's events will unfold entirely in Spain, with action taking place in locations also including Madrid, Barcelona and Seville.