Transworld launches Sophie Christopher Volunteer Award

Transworld launches Sophie Christopher Volunteer Award

Transworld has launched a volunteer award to honour the memory of Sophie Christopher, who died aged 28 last year. 

Christopher, a former senior publicity manager at Transworld and one of the co-founders of The FLIP, died of a pulmonary embolism in June 2019.

In addition to her  work as a publicist, Christopher made it her mission to improve the lives of others, from co-founding The FLIP, an interview series showcasing exceptional women working in the publishing industry, through to her work with Beyond the Streets, a UK charity working to end sexual exploitation. 

"Sophie’s passions reflected her belief in the power of literacy and literature to change lives," said Transworld.   

The Sophie Christopher Volunteer Award will see Penguin Random House partner with volunteering organisation People & Places to sponsor a two-week programme–open to anyone working in publishing and bookselling–in support of the work of the Treak Community Centre, close to Siem Reap, Cambodia.

The Centre is committed to creating opportunity, not dependency, and provides free, non-formal education and training that supplements and complements the Cambodian state system, offering a nursery, school, library, computer classes and a wide range of skills training, said Transworld. The aim is to help local people learn new skills and increase their confidence so that they are better equipped to take control of their futures.  

Penguin Random House wants to build and develop a sustainable relationship with the community and plans to sponsor an annual placement to offer consistency and continuity.  

"Sophie was an unstoppable force of positivity and enthusiasm," said Transworld m.d. Larry Finlay. "She is so hugely missed by all who knew her. This Award is a fitting tribute to an extraordinary person and will be just one of the many ways of keeping her cherished memory alive."

Further details of the programme, how to apply and the selection process can be found on Applications are open until Friday 21st February, with the final decision on the placement being made by Friday 17th April.