Hely Hutchinson listed among 2016's Leading LGBT Execs

Hely Hutchinson listed among 2016's Leading LGBT Execs

Tim Hely Hutchinson, group c.e.o. for Hachette UK, has made it onto a list published by the FT of 100 leading LBGT executives. Hely Hutchinson came in at number 62.

The list is the product of a partnership between professional membership organisation OUTstanding and the Financial Times, with nominations coming from peers and colleagues.

OUTstanding said of Hely Hutchinson: "Under Tim’s leadership Hachette UK is entirely non-discriminatory. They are fiercely proud of their reputation as an equal opportunities employer and adhere rigidly to their policy of non-discrimination on any grounds, in all aspects of the business. Tim regularly promotes their policy of tolerance and openness to all staff at every opportunity, including in staff newsletters, at Town Hall meetings and in his weekly blog. Externally, he supports a number of organisations including Kaleidoscope Trust and speaks often in interviews and at events on the subject of openness and tolerance particularly with regard to staff, authors and their publishing programme."

Hely Hutchinson is the only publisher on the list, with the exception of Darren Styles, m.d. of customer magazine publisher Stream Publishing. Also on the list are the likes of Inga Beale, c.e.o. of Lloyd's of London, and retail consultant Mary Portas. 

Judges this year included Dawn Airey, c.e.o, of Getty Images and Barclays UK c.e.o. Ashok Vaswani.

OUTstanding founder Suki Sandhu said: "Large corporations have the power and influence to promote LGBT+ inclusion and pave the way for real societal change around the world. By recognising the impact of those who are leading the charge, the OUTstanding Leading LGBT+ & Ally Executives and LGBT+ Future Leaders Lists continue to inspire both businesses and individuals to drive LGBT+ equality forward.

"OUTstanding exists to challenge the assumption that you cannot be out and successful in business, to create role models that will inspire the next generation of business leaders and to encourage companies to use their far reaching voices for good.”