Bluebird acquires 'Ten to Zen' stress relief guide

Bluebird acquires 'Ten to Zen' stress relief guide

Pan Macmillan is publishing Ten to Zen, a book providing 10-minute "mind workouts" to tackle stress from NHS psychotherapist Owen O’Kane.

Ten to Zen will be a lead New Year title for Bluebird, publishing in paperback in late December 2018. Carole Tonkinson, publisher of Bluebird, acquired world rights through Bev James.

The book's author, O’Kane said his techniques could make a "significant difference" to people's lives, with his mixed meditative, psychology techniques designed to "de-clutter the mind of stress, improve mental clarity, and restructure unhelpful patterns of thinking" for increased well-being, according to Bluebird. The book encourages their use in short and regular 10-minute bursts so they can fit into people's daily schedules however busy.

The book's principles are based not only on the O'Kane's experience as a psychotherapist, but his experience of working with dying patients in the field of palliative care that influenced how he works and views life.

Tonkinson noted the techniques came "road tested" while their accessibility would help the book appeal to mainstream audiences. “I've published books in this subject area for a long time, and I've never seen something so quick and effective and absolutely backed up by clinical expertise and road-testing with thousands of patients," she said. "Best of all, there is not a jargony term in any of Owen's work so it will appeal far beyond the mindfulness fans and break out to a mainstream audience who will really be able to benefit.” 

O’Kane said he hoped the book would inspire people to make mental health a priority. 

“For me the key goal in this book is to help as many people as possible realise that taking just 10 minutes out each day to look after the mind using these evidenced techniques and principles can make a significant difference to life; for the better," he said. "I am hugely excited, privileged and honoured to write this book and hope that it brings a sense of ease, calm and perspective to all who read it. Above all I hope it inspires people to prioritise mental wellbeing.”