Taylor's 'biohacking' tips to Orion Spring

Taylor's 'biohacking' tips to Orion Spring

Orion Spring has acquired a debut health book from actor and "biohacker" Davinia Taylor, taking a holistic approach to weight loss.

Publishing director Pippa Wright bought world rights in It’s Not a Diet from Becca Barr at Becca Barr Management. It will be a £12.99 royal trade paperback, published in May 2021.

The book promises "tips you haven’t heard before" for optimum health, among them: "how cold showers can cut your carb cravings; why vegan doesn't mean healthy; why your anxiety is related to your sugar intake; how your scented candles might be making you fat; and why smoothies aren't helping you lose weight".

Taylor turned to "biohacking health tricks" after personal struggles with weight and motivation after suffering from post-natal depression, according to Orion. As a result of her new learnings, she lost nearly three stone and kept it off for years. Before this she had spent "tens of thousands of pounds" on specialists and Harley Street doctors, her publisher said, only to discover that the true secrets of feeling amazing are "simple and achievable". 

Her book is divided into four sections–Mood, Food, Movement and Rest–and concludes with a two-week reset programme to put the advice into action "easily and achievably".

Taylor's career started on Channel 4 soap "Hollyoaks", playing party girl Jude Cunningham. She is now studying to become a personal trainer.

She said: "I'm absolutely thrilled to announce my first book deal with Orion Publishing. Having travelled a long and rocky road with my own body and mind battles, I have researched, tried and tested so many different ways to lose weight long-term, beat stress, curb anxiety and enjoy a good night's sleep. I'm proud to say I've now cracked it by discovering the easy way to optimum health and I am so excited to share this with you so you too can be the best version of yourself, once and for all crushing all those cravings with the least amount of effort."

Publishing director Pippa Wright said: "I’d been watching Davinia’s health journey via her Instagram channel for some time, hugely impressed by her enthusiasm, knowledge and curiosity, not to mention a generosity of spirit that makes her want to share her findings with others. Her audience has been begging her to write a book for months, and I’m so delighted that we will be publishing it at Orion Spring."