'Stunning' historical novel to Oneworld

'Stunning' historical novel to Oneworld

Oneworld's literary crime imprint Point Blank is to publish a "stunning" speculative historical novel entitled The Parentations by Kate Mayfield.

Point Blank editor Jenny Parrott has acquired UK and Commonwealth rights from Oli Munson at A.M. Heath for Mayfield’s debut novel, The Parentations.

Parrott said: "The Parentations is a stunning speculative historical novel, being quite, quite spell-binding on every page. The story spans 200 years across Iceland and London, as a strange boy who can never die is surrounded by a motley collection of individuals, each with vested interests in his welfare. Kate has produced some of the most extraordinary literary prose I’ve read during a thirty-year career to produce a rare and wondrous gem."

Kate Mayfield, author of the memoir, The Undertaker’s Daughter (Simon & Schuster) about her childhood at a Kentucky funeral home, now lives in London.

Oneworld has prepared a strategic pre-publication plan, including separate proof runs in both March and in the summer, leading to a "lavish" hardback publication in March 2018.