The Secret Chimp coming in July

The Secret Chimp coming in July

Professor Steve Peters, author of The Chimp Paradox (Vermilion, Ebury), is publishing two new science-based books with King’s Road Publishing’s wellbeing imprint Lagom. 

The Secret Chimp promises to help parents, carers and teachers to better equip children to be "more resilient, successful and generally happier in life".

According to King's Road, the book will do this by supporting adults in helping children to establish 10 "constructive habits" while offering "simplified accessible neuroscience to explain how children develop and learn emotional and interpersonal skills".

The Secret Chimp will have a companion edition written for children entitled My Secret Chimp, designed to help kids understand "what is happening inside their heads". Themes depicted by graphics will help adults working with children to use this as a workbook for developing healthy emotional habits. 

Peters, a consultant psychiatrist who is best known for his work with the GB Olympic cycling team and England football team, and worked within the NHS for over 20 years, said the new books came out of and were shaped by conversations he’d had with parents and teachers.

“Over the last few years I have had many requests from teachers, parents and guardians for a book that children and their carers could both use to help them to understand their emotions, thinking and behaviours,” he said. “I am pleased to have the support of Bonnier Publishing in being able to publish two books, one for children and one for teachers, parents and guardians that will help to give them insights, ideas and support. I am indebted to all those carers, colleagues and children who have helped me to shape up both books.”

The books will publish in the UK in July 2018. Publisher Natalie Jerome, who acquired world rights from agent Michael Foster, said: "Steve explains in a simplified way the neuroscience of the mind and how some unhelpful and destructive behaviours can be inadvertently hard wired during childhood.  With the UK second to bottom in the world for mental wellbeing among young people, Steve, who is pre-eminent in his field and the international bestselling author of the acclaimed The Chimp Paradox, hopes to improve this by explaining aspects of the developing mind in children and offers carers of children some practical suggestions for helping children develop resilience. We’re delighted and honoured to be working with him."