S&S signs with Mofibo

S&S signs with Mofibo

Simon & Schuster has cut a deal with Danish e-book subscription service Mofibo for its backlist titles.

The partnership involves S&S backlist titles from its authors in the US, UK, Australia and India, including works from Dan Brown, Cassandra Clare, Ernest Hemingway and Stephen King.

The move means readers in Denmark and Sweden will now have access to those titles via Mofibo.

The Bookseller reported last week that the Danish Mofibo, which is supported by a venture capitalist company and launched just last summer, was expanding internationally, first into Sweden, and negotiating on two other markets.  

The S&S deal means Mofibo can now offer its customers access to 20,000 English and local language titles, the publisher said.

Ian Chapman, c.e.o and publisher of Simon & Schuster UK and International, said: “Scandinavia has long been an important international market for English language authors, and Mofibo’s early success makes evident the strong appetite for content in electronic form. A continental-based subscription service is a wonderful opportunity for reader, author, and publisher alike.”

Doug Stambaugh, vice president of global e-book market development and strategy at S&S, added that the company’s participation in participation in Mofibo would grow the audience for its authors.

Morten Strunge, founder of Mofibo, said: "Our mission is to inspire people to read more. We want to make books more accessible to the world by offering unlimited reading at an affordable price – on any device, whenever and wherever.”

Simon & Schuster has signed up to e-book subscription services Scribd and Oyster, but is yet to sign up to Kindle Unlimited, Amazon’s new subscription service.