S&S signs Labour rising star Liam Young

S&S signs Labour rising star Liam Young

Simon & Schuster has signed a book on the rise of the youth involvement in the Labour Party by rising political star Liam Young.

Despite having only just graduated from LSE this summer aged 21 years-old, Young campaigned for Jeremy Corbyn during the leadership election of 2015, went on to write for the Independent and the New Statesman and now works in the House of Commons as a political adviser.

Ian Marshall, editorial director of S&S, acquired UK & Commonwealth rights to his book Rise: How Jeremy Corbyn Inspired the Young to Create a New Socialism from Natalie Galustian of D H H Literary Agency, and the book is being “rushed out” for a January 2018 publication, said the publisher.

Guardian journalist and outspoken Labour supporter Owen Jones said: “Liam is one of Britain's most brilliant young writers. He was ridiculed for believing a Corbyn-led Labour party could inspire young people - but was ultimately completely vindicated. If you want to know why the youth surge happened, this is an absolute must-read.”

Marshall  said that almost every political pundit in the business was taken by surprise by the outcome of the election and the increase in youth participation and that this book will outline what happened, why and how. “Told from the heart of the Labour party, he explains how Corbyn galvanised the younger generation, and highlights why this is a movement that is only just getting started. If you want to understand where politics is at today, his is a voice you have to hear,” he said.

Young said he wants Rise to be a "genuine account of the way my generation aspired for a new and developing socialism.”

“I have been involved in politics since I was in a pushchair, and I have always been pushing against the barriers that prevent young people from joining in," he said. "At the last election, hundreds of thousands of young people got involved in the campaign, and there is an important story to tell when it comes to understanding why they did so and to highlight why my generation is so desperate for change."

Young is also speaking at the Labour Party Conference in Brighton on Tuesday (26th September).