Souvenir Press pre-empts Syfret's self-help guide

Souvenir Press pre-empts Syfret's self-help guide

Souvenir Press will publish The Sunny Nihilist by former Vice editor Wendy Syfret. The book is a self-help guide that proposes that the key to a simple and pleasant life is to accept our utter worthlessness.

Senior commissioning editor Cindy Chan pre-empted UK & Commonwealth rights from Rachel Mills at Rachel Mills Literary Agency. Rights were also pre-empted in Canada, Germany, the Netherlands and China.

Syfret aims her book primarily at burnt-out Millennials: "The Sunny Nihilist makes the case for rejecting the cult of purpose – finding meaning, success, a beautiful life, a beautiful Instagram account – and instead embracing the fact that we are all worthless and nothing that we do really matters. Freed from the burden of meaning, we can simply enjoy our lives and build more pleasant societies for each other."

Chan commented: "This way of thinking is incredibly timely and relevant. We are all bone tired, and when the world changes in unfathomable ways it becomes apparent that some things matter a little less than you thought."

Publication will be in July 2021.