Seven Stories chief Kate Edwards stands down after 12 years

Seven Stories chief Kate Edwards stands down after 12 years

Seven Stories c.e.o. Kate Edwards is stepping down from her role at the centre after 12 years.

Edwards helped establish the National Centre for Children’s Books in 2002, first working as a development director on the £6.5m Newcastle project. She later succeeded co-founder Mary Briggs as c.e.o. in 2007.

When she first joined there were only six workers but Seven Stories – the UK’s first museum dedicated to children’s book and stories – now employs 39 people and receives 60,000 visitors each year.

Edwards, who leaves at Easter, said: “Serving Seven Stories has been the greatest professional honour and adventure of my life.  Children’s books and stories are an essential ingredient of childhood, which every child has the right to enjoy. I am very proud that we built Seven Stories in North East England and that I played a part in the legacy of this wonderful charity”.

She added: “it’s time to hand over the reins - I’m looking forward to seeing Seven Stories thrive under new leadership, and personally, to enjoying a new work life balance.” 

Sally Pelham, chair of the Seven Stories Board of Trustees, said: “Kate has been at the heart of Seven Stories since its early days and has played a crucial role in its remarkable journey. We owe her a debt of gratitude for her tireless leadership, her dedication, her passion and her belief in Seven Stories and its mission.”