Sebag Montefiore's Russian thriller scoops TV deal

Sebag Montefiore's Russian thriller scoops TV deal

Simon Sebag Montefiore’s Russian thriller One Night in Winter (Century) will be turned into a TV series by Hat Trick Productions.

The “page-turning” thriller by the writer and historian has been snapped up by the London-based production company which is also responsible for shows such as "Doctor Thorne" and "Outnumbered". It is not believed to be attached to a broadcaster yet.

One Night in Winter was published by Penguin Random House imprint Century in 2014 as part of the part of his Moscow Trilogy of novels, is inspired by a true story and won the Political Novel of the Year Prize.

Hat Trick executive producer Mark Redhead described the work as “unputdownable”.

“It’s a gripping thriller, but it’s also intensely romantic and moving,” he said. “The world of the book has echoes of today: a capricious despot, surrounded by a circle of ultra-privileged magnates, who enjoy a life of glamorous luxury amidst a climate of fear.”
Sebag Montefiore said: "I am delighted that Hat Trick Productions is developing my novel One Night in Winter into the tv drama series for which it is so suited:  beginning with the shooting of two teenagers in Moscow 1945, it opens up into a secret police case against the children of one very privileged school - and a passionate forbidden love affair.”

He added: “It’s a story of power, betrayal and love.”
Sebag Montefiore is the author of four books on Russian history as well as numerous other titles. He has also written and presented various TV programmes. He lives in London with his wife, the novelist Santa, and their two children.