Sci-fi collective goes direct via Kindle

<p>A group of US authors, including Ursula K Le Guin, is bypassing the traditional publishing process by publishing direct on Amazon&#39;s Kindle and Sony&#39;s e-reader. Book View Press was founded earlier this year by members of Book View Cafe, a co-operative of 27 &quot;award-winning and bestselling authors&quot;.<br /><br />Book View Press&#39;s first project is an anthology of science fiction titles, <em>Rocket Boy and the Geek Girls</em>, which includes stores by science fiction author Vonda N McIntyre, Katharine Kerr, and others. The Kindle edition is now selling on at $4.99.<br /><br />&quot;The e-publishing infrastructure is now firmly in place,&quot; said project manager Sarah Zettel. &quot;BVC authors have both content and the experience to&nbsp; take full advantage of it.&quot;</p><p>Book View Press titles will be created and edited by the BVC&#39;s members, and made available through the Kindle and Sony eReader stores, as well as at No outside publishing house will be involved and the profits go directly to&nbsp; the authors. Members of the collective include Le Guin, McIntyre, Sarah Smith and Laura Anne Gilman, and new authors such Seanan McGuire--many of whom remain under contract with traditional publishers.</p><p>The next project is an &quot;entirely original&quot; anthology of linked short stories titled The Shadow Conspiracy, with a release date of 15th December 2009. &quot;Ebooks give us a fantastic opportunity to bring our best work straight to the readers,&quot; said Zettel. &quot;It&#39;s truly an exciting time to be an author.&quot;</p>