Rob Biddulph sets new world record for largest online art lesson

Rob Biddulph sets new world record for largest online art lesson

Children's author and illustrator Rob Biddulph has broken the Guinness World record for largest online art class, in collaboration with Entrepreneur First and Art World Records, it has been confirmed.

More than 45,000 unique users tuned into the online session on 21st May, when only 10,000 were needed to break the existing record.

Participants at the session were taught how to draw a blue whale.

Biddulph said: “When I first started the #DrawWithRob classes back in March I had no idea they’d lead to a Guinness world record title – but here we are! The support I’ve received from everyone – kids, parents, grandparents and beyond – has been overwhelming. I wish I could personally thank each and every individual who has taken part in the classes, and in particular the 45,611 people who’ve broken the record with me. I hope I’ve helped to inspire people of all ages to continue creating beautiful artwork long into the future.”

The challenge has raised £51,970 for charity.

Sam Barnett, president of talent investment organisation Entrepreneur First, said: “We set out to break the record as a way of bringing together business owners, employees, parents and children alike, giving everyone the chance to make history at home at a uniquely challenging time. We were hoping to see 10,000 participants and to raise £10,000 for good causes, but it’s safe to say we’ve smashed both of those targets out of the park.

"As a business leader, it’s been particularly great to see how the business world has rallied behind this effort – not only in raising so much money for an important cause, but in promoting the mental wellbeing of their remote employees by encouraging them to take part in half an hour of art from home.”