Flooding forces Shrewsbury children’s bookshop to close

Flooding forces Shrewsbury children’s bookshop to close

Button & Bear children’s bookshop in Shrewsbury, Shropshire, has been forced to close today (Wednesday 25th February) owing to rising floodwaters.

Staff are unable to get into work as river water is blocking all routes into the town centre.

Button & Bear said no stock had been damaged as the shop is located at the top of a hill but flooding at the bottom of the hill means customers are not able reach the shop. 

Manager Louise Chadwick said: "Having to close is not ideal for any small retail business and we are now in our second week of customers not coming into town owing to flooding. However, we realise that we are actually one of the lucky ones with other business owners and residents losing their homes and businesses owing to the flooding. As any indie bookseller will tell you we are a resilient lot and we hope to be back open again very soon."

She added staff are monitoring the situation and are “hopeful” they can re-open tomorrow.

Severe weather warnings have been issued for the town, which means there is a danger to life, and the BBC reported yesterday that the rivers Wye and Severn have reached "their highest-ever levels."