Princeton UP acquires Cicero biography in 'significant deal'

Princeton UP acquires Cicero biography in 'significant deal'

Princeton University Press will publish a new full-length biography of Cicero by Oxford academic Dr Alison Rosenblitt.

Publisher Rob Tempio bought world rights from Georgina Capel Associates in a "significant deal". 

The biography will cover Cicero's political education and his rise to the highest annual office in Rome, to his downfall and demise at the hands of a soon-to-be emperor. 

Rosenblitt commented: "Cicero was a flawed man living in a very flawed society, but his agony as he watched that society torn apart—the fall of the Roman republic—is human and real. This new biography is a story about choices: between friends and country, between what is expedient and what is just, and choices where no good option lies in front of you. It is a darker vision of Rome than we are used to, and one which I hope will strike a chord with readers in our own ambivalent times."

Rosenblitt is an expert in ancient history from the faculty of classics at Oxford University. She is also the author of The Beauty of Living: E E Cummings in the Great War, which will be published by W W Norton in July.