Jess Phillips' book campaign sees donations to Women's Aid

Jess Phillips' book campaign sees donations to Women's Aid

Penguin Random House has launched a promotional Twitter campaign for MP Jess Phillips' book Everywoman (Hutchinson), in which every tweet hashtagged #EVERYWOMAN will see a book donated to domestic abuse charity Women’s Aid.

The campaign hashtag, which was trending on Saturday (11th February), asks people to "speak up" and to give "shout out's" to women they are inspired by using the #EVERYWOMAN hashtag, whether they are women who have changed their lives or the lives of others or are women doing extraordinary things.

Currently, after 6,038 tweets and counting were sent using the hashtag, the same number of books from its range of adult and children’s titles have been donated to Women's Aid refuges, where Labour MP Phillips has spent five years volunteering.

The campaign was inspired by the 'Sisterhood' chapter in Phillips’ upcoming book.

The book, discussing "what it means to be a woman today" and obtained in a "heated" six-way auction and publishes next week on 23rd February ahead of International Womens’ Day on 8th March.