PRH Audio to release audiobook anthology for mindful living in lockdown

PRH Audio to release audiobook anthology for mindful living in lockdown

Penguin Random House Audio is bringing together wellbeing experts, including fitness author Chloe Madeley and performance coach Sara Milne Rowe, in a new audio anthology, The Here and Now.

On 18th June Penguin Random House Audio will release the "audio compilation of wisdom and practical advice", which comes complete with nature walks and guided exercises and recipes, to help listeners improve their physical and mental wellbeing "by rooting them in the moment" and ultimately helping them to become "more mindful, calm and focused".

According to Penguin Random House Audio: "Combining the expertise of some of Penguin Random House's most trusted authors, and allowing listeners the intimacy of hearing from them in their own voice, this audio anthology of practical wisdom and calming advice will help listeners to stay grounded throughout lockdown and beyond. Listeners will learn to explore their emotions, listen to their bodies, re-asses their careers, and focus on the forgotten acts which bring them joy. Incorporating guided walks, meditation exercises, mindful movements and more, this enriching, affirming guide will realign how we live to make every moment our very best."

Madeley, a nutritionist and personal trainer, will be featured to provide an audio home work-out session, while Milne Rowe will discuss habits, to instruct listeners on how to "improve their daily routines to bring about greater wellbeing and focus".

The audiobook will also include Rukmini Iyer, author of the Roasting Tin series, on food; Chloe Brotheridge, author of The Anxiety Solution and Brave New Girl, on mental wellbeing; The Mindfulness Project on nature, offering meditation and "connection exercises"; Dr Amir Khan on sleep; Sophie Fletcher on family; and Helen Tupper and Sarah Ellis, authors of The Squiggly Career, on personal career development.